People of Armidale, those niggling little problems are solved!

Ever had to wait around for a tradesperson, taking half the day off work, and not being sure when they will arrive? Needed to buy a last minute gift for that special someone, but couldn’t get away from the office? Realised that you’re completely out of milk JUST before that all important meeting? Been longing for a coffee/snack/lunch but couldn’t get away from answering the phones? Needed to post those parcels, but didn’t have time to stand in line at the post office?

Never fear, Hannah is here! Offering a service, that up until now was one only seen in the big cities – Hannah can be your ‘girl friday’ – and be there to do these little things, so you don’t have to.

Browse through the site to get more of an idea of what’s on offer, follow Hannah on Facebook or flick her an email if you’d like to get in touch. Hannah can provide one off solutions, fill gaps on a daily, weekly or monthly basis – or work in collaboration with you and your business to mutual benefit. Why not get in touch today?